postpartum mood disorders

Our Endocrine System is Connected to Our Brain
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Mental Illness, Endocrine Disorder or Reproductive Disorder?

So yesterday was “End the Stigma Day” and I shared my story in my  I am the Face of Mental Illness blog post because I have no shame in having had Postpartum Mood Disorder.  I did, feel ashamed at the time…

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Hormone Imbalance, Postpartum Mood Disorders, Premature Ventricular Contractions, Progesterone, Thyroid

Is Half a Postpartum Plan Better Than No Plan at All?

When postpartum anxiety(PPA)struck me after my third baby I was already on high-alert for postpartum depression(PPD). I suspected that I had suffered from some sort of postpartum mood disorder(PPMD) after my second baby but like most women never sought help…

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