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How times have changed. When I was pregnant, books like the quintessential “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was my pregnancy go-to bible. I also relied heavily on advice from girlfriends with children. As good as all that was, there wasn’t one place I could go to for advice, information and to chronicle my journey. Today, technology and more specifically, mobile apps have changed the way we gather and seek information. BabyBump is an example of one such app that does what it does very well.

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BabyBump is a fully loaded information and journaling app for expecting or soon-to-be expecting parents. Available in English, French and Spanish, users start by entering the due date and current weight. The free version is generous with features that include a journal to track your weight, mood, appetite and energy, photo journal, community forums, daily and weekly development updates with images, integration with Twitter and Facebook and even for something fun, a pregnancy countdown.

Soon-to-be parents receive daily tips about the physical changes, moods and common symptoms that reflect a specific point in time in the pregnancy. For example, it’s reassuring to know that prenatal headaches are common around day 44 of the pregnancy. There are even tips for dads along the way.


Weekly updates focus on baby’s development, including the baby’s size and weight. I love how Babybump compares the baby’s size by making comparisons to common food items like a poppyseed, blueberry and cauliflower, which provide anxious parents with a perspective they can actually relate to.

If you like to keep a pregnancy journal, it’s easy to do directly from within the BabyBump app. Track your weight and waist measurements, cravings, appetite, mood and more, including photos of your growing baby bump, which can be viewed as a slideshow.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, in your third trimester or undecided on baby names, the pregnancy forum is a place for expecting parents to ask questions, share experiences and even poll baby names.

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Available for iOS and Android devices, the ad-free pro version sells for $3.99 and also includes a kick counter and contraction tracker.

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