Infertility, Menstrual Cycle

Cervical Fluid….aka…Vaginal Discharge

First of all, the white fluid that changes consistency throughout your monthly cycle is called Cervical Fluid….not Vaginal Discharge!  Vaginal discharge sounds so….ewwww…disgusting but it has a bad wrap!  Cervical fluid is actually a wonderful thing.

It is normal for it to change in color and consistency over the course of the month.  Who knew?!  I didn’t know much about my cervix or cervical fluid until I was faced with infertility.  I learned more about my cervix than I ever thought possible.

I learned that during the time of ovulation – when you are most fertile – your cervical fluid should look like egg whites!  It should be thickish and clear, apparently this consistency helps those little sperm swim better!  If you are trying to get pregnant this is important for you to know.   During my infertility challenges, Tony Weschler’s best-selling book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility became my bible.  In her book, she teaches women how to identify and examine their cervical fluid and has pictures of different consistencies of cervical fluid.