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Diagnosis is An Art: What Does Your Doctor’s Palette Look Like?

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What’s on Your Doctor’s Palette?

I recently had a great conversation about how “diagnosis” is an art.  My dear friend is a well-respected doctor, world-renowned in his particular field (nothing to do with hormones) and he explained to me that diagnosing patients is only partly about science but rather, is a form of art.  I really believe what my amazing doctor does for me definitely falls in the category of art!

I also recently listened while my daughter’s naturopath was explaining to her what his “toolbox” includes. I thought he gave her a great way to conceptualize what a naturopath does but it got me thinking that really what he has is not a toolbox but rather an artist’s palette.

My doctor uses a colorful palette to create a beautiful picture of health for me & I feel so fortunate that my doctor’s palette includes:

      • Symptom checklist (very detailed!) every three months!
      • Blood tests (every three months)
      • Saliva hormone testing (once in a while)
      • Bio-identical Hormones
      • Magnesium! and other nutritional supplements based on MY needs not someone else’s
      • Keeping up-to-date on the latest research
      • Most importantly he LISTENs to ME!
      • Nutrition advice
      • Always a smile and a good conversation!
      • A caring attitude

In this day and age in Canada, especially in the rural areas, it is difficult to find a doctor who is even accepting new patients!  So when the demand is greater than the supply of doctors many people are just grateful to have a family doctor.   It may take a bit of searching but you will be able to find a doctor with a bright palette full of amazing colors so he or she can help paint the best picture of health for you!  I know, from my own experience, when you do you won’t regret it.

For tips on how to find a doctor who specializes in functional medicine or naturopathy or bio-identical hormones read my post on how to Find a Doctor.