Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Creams: Don’t be a Pill Popper!

I learned something interesting in a Medical Anthropology University class I took before I had ever heard about Bio-Identical Hormones.  Apparently many doctors in France feel the need to protect the liver from medication, and so they often prescribe medications in suppository form.  While suppositories aren’t my favorite way to save my liver from exposure to medications and the like, the idea of avoiding exposing my precious organs unnecessarily appeals to me on an intuitive level.

The idea of applying hormones “transdermally” (on our skin) just makes so much sense, doesn’t it?  If you recall from biology class, our skin is our largest organ!  Look at the inside of your arm and see all those beautiful veins popping out!  And now imagine rubbing cream into your skin and how quickly and effortlessly it absorbs into your bloodstream!  No stomach acid to get marinated and tossed around in, no liver to meander through, no kidneys to flush it out…all that beautiful cream just gets nicely and quietly absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream where it needs to be.

There is a time to share and a time to keep your lotions to yourself:

Protect your family and especially your children from your newly applied hormone cream.  I have heard that you should avoid anyone touching the skin where the cream has been applied for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours but probably longer is even better.  If they touch your skin the hormones can actually absorb into their skin!  You don’t want your husband to absorb your progesterone – one hormonally unbalanced person in the family is plenty.  And you certainly don’t want your children exposed to more hormones that are already in our environment.  Always wash your hands thoroughly after applying hormone creams.  Don’t forget to protect your pets as well, don’t let them lick your skin after applying hormone creams. And also, maybe it goes without saying, but don’t have a shower right after you’ve applied your hormones.

Random Thought:  This idea of our skin being such a quick pathway to our bloodstream makes me wonder about all of the yucky stuff we apply to our skin.  And to our babies and children’s skin.  If this also concerns you, check out the Environmental Working Group’s website www.ewg.org they have lots of information about safe and unsafe products for our skin.