Dr. Azziz Tells MDs Be Vigilant for PCOS

One of the biggest complaints made by women with PCOS is that their doctors are uninformed or misinformed about the disorder.  I love that this video and article by one of the most well-respected PCOS experts, Dr. Ricardo Azziz, is directed to the doctors. To those of us who know about PCOS, the content seems simple, but to hear women’s stories of how they aren’t properly diagnosed or treated, this is a much-needed resource in the medical community!   I’m not sure how these videos get distributed to doctors or how many will see them but wouldn’t it be great if this kind of content started reaching our doctors! Anyway, it’s a great little video by a fantastic doctor with a great message – “Be Vigilant for PCOS”!!

Click the link below for the video – it’s only 5 minutes and definitely worth watching and sharing with your doctor!


Dr. Azziz Tells Doctors to Be Vigilant for PCOS