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MEET Angela |  Health Advocate and Blogger at END ENDO FOREVER

Angela Kawakami is a 36 year-old Endometriosis advocate from Ontario, Canada. If you follow her on Twitter you’ll quickly realize that she acts as a strong support system for many women who suffer with Endometriosis – her fellow ” #endosisters”,  if you will. She has even started a “Faces of Endo” wall to honour the women who manage the disease each day.

Angela is a true Endometriosis warrior – she has had the disease for 23 years. It took visits to over 40 doctors over the course of 14 years to receive a diagnosis.  After pushing to see the top Endometriosis surgeon in Toronto, Angela was diagnosed with Deep infiltrating Endometriosis with a recto-vaginal septum (Stage IV) and received surgery in 2007.

Her story is one of struggle and advocacy.   301542_10152651492640343_1546545261_n (1)

Angela began advocating for herself at the age of 14 with the simple strategy of recording symptoms, joining medhelp.org, making phone calls, and asking questions. She became active on social media to help other women along their journey. Her goal? To encourage and inspire women and let them know that they are not alone.

Angela is now an active health advocate, writer, and blogger at EndEndoForever – a blog dedicated to creating Endometriosis awareness. I feel lucky enough to have had a Q+A with her this past week!


What inspired you to start your blog?
I wanted a blog that was simple, factual and straight to the point. I wanted a spot for others to connect so that they would not feel so alone. I was inspired by twitter and all the #Endosisters looking for answers.

Who are your Top 3 #Endometriosis Resources on Social Media?
For sure Dr. Redwine’s and Libby’s Endometropolis Facebook Page! It is so informative and Dr. Redwine will even read your surgery pictures online. It’s a wonderful and much needed resource.  Dr. Redwine also has a site called Endopaedia which is top notch and informative.

The next would be the Centre for Endometriosis Care. Their site is good, and they are great to follow on twitter.

Finally I’d recommend a person on twitter who is very uplifting and always helps me see the positive side of Endometriosis. She’s also a great advocate! Check out @_EndoHappy.

Tell us a time when you were most frustrated with your diagnosis. What did you do to advocate for yourself?
The most frustrated I have gotten is right now!  I need another surgery, and the top surgeon is out of the country. Once you’ve had the best you can’t accept anything else. My case is too complicated for the best where I live, so I am raising money for out of country surgery where I can see a specialist. I will never let a non-specialist operate on me again.


What should every woman know about their health?
What every woman should know about their health is simple. You know your own body, you know how it works and you know when something is wrong. Push for answers and don’t stop.  Doctors are not living in your body and your quality of life matters the most.

Would you like to get to connect with Angela?
Visit her blog, like her on Facebook, and tweet a great big hello to her!



One of the incredible benefits of starting a blog and building community is the women we, at Hormone Soup, are able to connect with around the world. We are constantly inspired by the stories and resources discovered and shared. In honour of these women and their stories, we want to take the time each month to introduce you to those that we feel have Souper Star  quality.