Hormone Imbalance

Everything You Need to Know About Hormones!

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By Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MS & Alvin Pettle, MD

I’m so excited to be able to hear Lorna Vanderhaeghe speak tonight about Everything You Need to Know About
Hormones.  She is one of Canada’s leading experts about hormones and the co-author of “The Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones” and “Sexy Hormones” among many other great books about nutrition, hormones, and weight loss.

In this lecture she is expected to touch on topics such as:

ovarian cysts
getting a better sleep
hot flashes & night sweats
weight gain
bladder incontinence
hair loss
beautiful skin
boosting your energy!


If you live in the Toronto area and are able to attend the lecture is in Newmarket, Ontario tonight from 6:30 – 830 pm at Nature’s Emporium, 16655 Yonge Street.

If you can’t attend I will be there and if you have any questions let me know in advance and I will be happy to try and get them answered!


Check out Lorna’s website by clicking here.


Yours in Hormone Health,