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Excuse Me Have You Seen My Libido?

Excuse Me Have You Seen My Libido?
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Excuse Me Have You Seen My Libido?

Losing your libido isn’t like losing your car keys.  First of all, there’s rarely a frantic search for libido like there is with keys.   You don’t get your entire family to help you scour the house for it.  And you certainly don’t ask perfect strangers at the grocery store, “Excuse me, sir I seem to have misplaced my libido, have you seen it?”.

The thing about libido is that losing it sneaks up on you.  Life is busy, stressful, tiring and really, fulfilling enough without it.  In fact, at first you may not even notice it’s gone.  And if it’s gone long enough eventually you don’t even care if you ever get it back. Life goes on for you without it. It doesn’t seem like you’re missing much. It becomes a bit of a vicious cycle; you don’t want sex so the idea of boosting your sex drive doesn’t even appeal to you. Why would you care about having more of something you don’t want in the first place?

One person who will notice it missing is your partner.  He (or she) might search for it or try to help you find it. Your partner may even go to great lengths to help you.  Your lost libido will definitely matter to your partner.  He will try to get you to care about finding it.

When I embarked on my search to balance my hormones I don’t think I even realized that my libido was missing.  Well ok, maybe I did, just a little – my husband may have mentioned it once or twice.  But that wasn’t what made me seek help.  PMS, now there was something to care about, but my libido, meh. Little did I know that the resounding side effect of balancing my hormones was going to be a tremendous surge in my libido.  I’m not talking just a slight shift here – more like going from zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds.  Trust me, if my husband had known that the side effect of curing my PMS with bio-identical hormones was such an incredible boost in my libido he would have put me in the car and driven me to my hormone doctor himself!

Most of the conversation pertaining to low sex drive, especially for women, is centered around factors such as stress, fatigue, poor body image, the challenge shifting from mommy mode to sexy-wife mode, needing more attention from their partner, a normal part of aging, and so on.  And while some of it may be true, for the women I know who have balanced their hormones all of those factors become pretty insignificant.  Even when you are tired, have a sink full of dishes, the kids have been driving you in circles all day, or your partner didn’t bring you flowers you will still have the drive to have sex – and not just any sex, incredible sex.

So if you accidentally or on-purpose find your libido again, and I hope you do, I assure you that you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  And unlike your keys, it’s something you’ll be sure never to lose again.


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