Menstrual Cycle

Exploring Menstruation 70’s Style

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If you grew up in the 70’s this is a must watch retro video – I must have seen this or something like it during my sex ed class in the 70’s.  Notice it’s produced by J&J?!

Here are the highlights:

  • Let me just say “Pad” technology has come a long way!  Next time you go shopping down an entire aisle of menstrual supplies, be grateful!  Gotta give a shout out to the people who develop new products for us. Seriously special panties with elastics, belts and the minipads of the 70’s look like today’s maxipads.
  • I swear to God I have never ever heard of a woman skipping her period because she had a cold!  I am absolutely certain if that were the case half of us would be sneezing all over each other.
  • Love the exercise suggestions to get rid of cramps.  Wow…no cramp I ever had could be remedied with a wall pushup or a sit-up.

  I follow a lot of discussion around menstruation including global cultural difference, individual differences in how women react to having their period and how it is talked about or not talked about within families and whether we react to our period differently over our lifespans. I think it’s fascinating and everyone’s situation is so unique.

Anyway, enjoy the journey back in time…