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Get to know your Cervix!

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Source: Beautiful Cervix Project

Your cervix is a seemingly magical body part, actually changing position throughout your menstrual cycle and switching from firm to soft and closed to open.  Your cervix is at it’s friendliest during ovulation – it puts out a welcome mat for the sperm – becoming high, open and soft as ovulation approaches.   It is actually trying to help those little sperm achieve conception.  Your body does this every month without you even thinking about it – isn’t that amazing!  If you are trying to conceive, knowing when your cervix is ready to welcome sperm is one of the easiest ways to detect the optimal time for intercourse.  Once you get to know your cervix, she will be a great source of information for you – allowing you to recognize the signs of pending ovulation.

Of course, during pregnancy your cervix is closed for business!  It actually closes up nice and tight to make sure nothing gets in or out of your womb protecting your precious little baby.  Now sadly, some women have what is referred to as an “incompetent cervix” and it doesn’t stay closed leading to miscarriage in the second or third trimester.  I had a friend who tragically lost twins due to an incompetent cervix.  Thankfully she went on to have a successful pregnancy with bed rest and a surgical procedure to help that cervix stay closed. Thankfully the condition is rare, but despite that, during my pregnancies I always “kept an eye” on my cervix and spoke with my doctor about it.  Your doctor may do an internal exam to check that your cervix is behaving!

To see photos of real women’s cervixes during different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle and different phases of life check out the beautiful cervix project’s gallery of cervixes at