Help I’m Going Bald! – How I Discovered I had Androgenic Alopecia

Am I Going Bald?

It was during a hair appointment that my hairdresser told me that I had bald Hormonally Triggered Mood Disorderspatches on my scalp! I didn’t even know I had them, although when I thought about it I realized that I did seem to have an awful lot of hair clogging the drains everyday.  As women often do at their hairdresser’s, I got involved in a deep discussion with my stylist. On this occasion the conversation was about alopecia.

At the time I didn’t even know what alopecia was.  The hairdresser mentioned her sister developed alopecia as a result of a severe stressor in her life.  At the time I was going through my terrible episode of PMS and being treated with oral contraceptives, but who would think to link their PMS or birth to a clogged drain? Certainly not me.

For a long time I had suspected my body was not in synch in a whole lot of ways, especially hormonally.  When I thought back to how my hair suddenly seemed to fall out after my pregnancies, I began to wonder if the hair loss was all part of the same hormonal craziness.

Sure enough, I soon found myself at the naturopath’s office discussing androgenic alopecia. To put it simply when your hormones are out of balance it can cause your hair to fall out!  At the time my PMS was being “treated” with oral contraceptives (it didn’t help but that’s for another blog post), which I later learned can be linked with hair loss in women! My research eventually revealed that the type of oral contraceptive I was taking is on the American Hair Loss Association’s list as having significant potential of causing or exacerbating hair loss!   To see if your oral contraceptive is on the list and for more information check out American Hair Loss Association’s website