Hormone Imbalance

Here’s to a 2014 of Happy Hormones!

premature ventricular contractions

23840554_sThe year has flown by with so many exciting things happening in 2013 – it probably appears that I’ve forgotten about blogging but far from it!   I’ve connected with women in over 109 countries around the world with Hormone Soup last year!  That’s just incredible to me and speaks volumes about the state of hormone health in North America and around the world.

I really believe women deserve more – as we have been underserved in healthcare for too long – the great news is that more women are connecting with each other online.  We are social beings and that is a great help to us in our health – one of the coolest trends in healthcare is social health.  We are all learning from each other and that is so exciting. There are some great bloggers and twitter accounts and facebook pages out there for women to find information and connect with other women. Love that.

A huge thanks to the readers of my blog and those who follow Hormone Soup on Twitter and Facebook – I’m so delighted to engage with you!

There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for Hormone Soup so here’s to an amazing 2014 in Women’s Health….stay tuned…