Anxiety, Hormone Imbalance

Holy Hot Flash!

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postpartum mood disorder symptomsSo I have been feeling fabulous since my New Years Day scare.   I was slathering on my progesterone cream with a vengeance – never wanting to live through that panicked state again.  Within a few days of being back on my progesterone I was back to myself.  It was so relieving to feel normal again.  Anxiety is painful, as well as physically and emotionally draining on a person and for those around them.

I was hopeful I would go back to my pre-cold-turkey-going-off-hormones-state of mostly blissful balance, but you know it’s never that easy right?

I’ve been feeling these overwhelming moments at random moments in the day where I suddenly feel strange sensations coming over me.  Yesterday we were out for a walk and My Beloved looked over at me and said, “Your face is bright red” and at that exact moment I was suddenly feeling hot and my heart started palpitating.  Honest to God I thought could this be a mini anxiety attack – remnants of the sudden panic attack I had less than two weeks ago?  What a disheartening feeling to think that my progesterone wasn’t keeping the anxiety at bay like I had thought!!

At the time, we were walking past a drug store and I wanted to go check my blood pressure and pulse because it was making me feel lightheaded.  My blood pressure was 129/079 and my pulse was 104.

The sensation subsided and we continued for our walk.  About 3 hours later I was walking past the same drug store and was feeling fine so decided to see what the blood pressure cuff had to say!  This time I had been walking at a quick pace for half an hour and my pulse was 95 and my blood pressure was 111/64.

My usual blood pressure is 110/70. I thought how strange it was that even though the second reading was on the low side I didn’t feel lightheaded at all but during the first reading I’d felt lightheaded.

Later that evening I had a sudden memory of the hot flashes I had suffered during my third pregnancy!  Of course it wasn’t an anxiety attack – it has been hot flashes all week!

You would think this would be a relief – and it was – but at the same time I have to say the idea that my hormones aren’t balanced yet made me realize that my road back to bliss isn’t over yet.

Of course this could simply be the result of peri-menopause – I am 44 after all.  That being said my progesterone cream could have been controlling peri-menopause symptoms and going off the hormones triggered them.

Stay tuned for more information about how you could participate in a Canadian study on peri-menopause and progesterone.