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Introducing Hormone Soup TV…and a little Surprise!

Balance female Hormones Naturally

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It is with great excitement that I share the Hormone Soup TV Trailer with you!

When I started blogging about women’s hormone health I really had no idea where this would all go. When I sat in front of my fireplace and bought the domain name, I thought that if I could just reach one woman it would be all worth it. It turns out through sharing my story so many amazing women and other passionate, supportive people have come into my life! It was when I began to look at the root cause of why so many millions of women were suffering it became apparent to me that I needed to get involved at a grassroots level and try and effect some real change for women.

Talking about it is great but I wanted to do something more. Through this journey, it seems that every time I turned around another person, tool, resource or technology to help women navigate their hormone health seemed to appear.All I can say is that somehow the stars have just been lining up to enable me to bring two of the biggest industries together – digital media and healthcare!

Check out the video and you will be introduced to some other amazing tech that I’ve designed to go along with the TV show to bring even more awareness and resources to women. This past year I’ve been busy building a company called Open Source Health – OSH for short. My vision for OSH is to really address the many gaps in healthcare for women. We need changes and I hope you’ll like what I’ve been working on. I think it’s revolutionary and I hope you like it!