Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Soup Welcomes Melanie to the Team

Restore Hormonal Balance

The idea for Hormone Soup had been playing in my mind for years – the idea would get re-invigorated everytime I had a new conversation with someone who was strugging with hormonal issues, or miscarriage, or infertility, etc.  Evenutally, Hormone Soup, the blog,  was born just over 2 years ago. My struggles with hormones and other related health issues had been long and tough.  I knew that I had weathered many storms and had a lot of information to share. I also felt that there were a lot of discussions that needed to be had surrounding women’s hormones, self-advocacy, and reproductive health –  and that someone needed to start the bigger conversation.Hormone Soup became a passion of mine – it was that sort of passion that kept me up at night  scrambling for a pen because there are so many ideas and stories to share. Thankfully, that sort of passion does not remain a hobby for long and it quickly became all consuming. I am lucky to say that this little blog has morphed itself into several different directions that keep me very busy on a full-time basis.

As a result, Hormone Soup is expanding and the time has come for me to call in some reinforcements!

Hormonally Triggered Mood Disorders

Join me in welcoming Melanie Minor to the Hormone Soup team!

And not just anyone would do – those of you who have met her I am sure would agree that I’ve found an incredible person to join me and help make sure that Hormone Soup can continue to grow!

I’d like to introduce you to Melanie Minor.  Melanie is the kind of woman who instantly feels like a trusted girlfriend that you can talk with about hormones, wellness, and the wild ride it can sometimes entail. Not only is Melanie good at content development, writing, and strategy,  she also has a strong and personal interest in patient advocacy and personal wellness. Her work is built on the fundamental belief in building a strong community – one that is engaged in sharing information and supporting each other.  One of my favorite things about Melanie, is that even though a lot of our topics are serious, her bright attitude and fun personality make sure that we remember to face life with a sense of humor too!  I’d say she’s a pretty good fit!

Although I will continue to blog, Melanie will also be involved in supporting Hormone Soup in ensuring quality information for the best audience on the planet!

Thank you for continuing to support  Hormone Soup as it takes its next steps, it means the world to me!

x, Sonya

PS.  As always – we love to hear from you – please feel free to drop us a line!