Magnesium, Menstrual Cycle, PMS

Magnesium, My New Best Friend!

Since adolescence I have dreaded the cramps I would get at the beginning of my period.  As a perplexed teenager I assumed this was just part of being a woman.  My mother didn’t have any answers and, of course, she also believed it was just something I’d have to deal with using hot water bottles and Midol.  There have been times in my life when my cramps were debilitating, especially when I was a teenager and a young woman. I couldn’t go to school or work, I recall laying doubled over in my waterbed rocking back and forth crying, waiting for the pain to end.

Eventually birth control pills were prescribed to me as part of a solution to my menstrual cramps. Little did I realize at the time that birth control pills were likely fueling my estrogen dominance.  Later, I was prescribed Naproxen (Anaprox) which, like many women I knew, I took for years. The problem with that solution was that it would take a day or so to kick in so I had to start taking the pills as soon as I thought I could feel my period coming.  Often I started taking them late so still went a day with cramps.

So where does my New BFF come in??? Well here’s a perfect example of a natural solution to a painful problem!  After years of battling with a common symptom among women;

the ever dreaded…..menstrual cramps

I am extremely elated to say that taking daily magnesium supplements have rid me of every single painful menstrual cramp!  I could kiss you Dr. W!   I can hardly believe it myself!   It seems so easy, too easy; like one of those things that is too good to be true.  Yet I know my body and trust my body and I know it is true.  And as Dr. W explained to me, Magnesium is, among other things, a natural muscle relaxant.   Hence the reduction in cramps.  Simple.

It’s only been a few months since I have been taking Magnesium supplements but being the sponge that I am when it comes to learning this stuff –  I have done some of my own research.  It almost seems that Magnesium is the new “miracle vitamin” – it is being used to treat migraines, anxiety, insomnia and tons of other health issues.  Many nutrition experts think that we are not getting enough magnesium in our diets and that many health issues are actually a result of magnesium deficiency.

I do take a bit more than the daily recommended dose on the bottle.  Everyone’s body is different and many things can affect the magnesium level in your body, such as diet, stress, caffeine intake and so on.  Also the balance between magnesium and calcium is an important factor.  Your body should always be your guide. I’m not a medical doctor – please check with your own doctor/practitioner. That being said, I doubt most doctors even know to tell their patients to take Magnesium to prevent menstrual cramps!  Due to moving around a lot, I have had several different doctors over the years and not one has suggested Magnesium until a few months ago.  If your doctor doesn’t know then do the research for yourself and let your body guide you.

Oh and by the way… in case your doctor/practitioner doesn’t warn you Magnesium can cause loose stools!  It’s a natural laxative!