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My Top Ten Absolute Favorite Hormone-Friendly Gifts!

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There’s so much to think about this time of year! Hormone disruptors are probably the last thing on your mind when you’re gift giving, I totally get that. My wish this year is to get you thinking about hormone-friendly gift giving – not just in December but all through the year. Maybe a gift you give this year will inspire your gift recipient to think about their gift giving in a whole new way.  Happy Gift Giving!

My Absolute Favorite Hormone Friendly Gifts to Give & Get (hopefully 😉 ) This Year!

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1.  I absolutely L♥VE! this USB stick sold by The Detox Market!  It diffuses 100% Organic Essential Oils – simply plug it into your laptop and soon will  be enjoying the relaxing and detoxifying effects of lavender or grapefruit.  Traditional room sprays and scented candles are full of hormone disrupters so besides being a totally cool idea – this USB stick makes a hormone safe gift choice!


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2.  Since I’ve gone off of traditional perfume I’m dying to try this Tsi-La Organics Mini Fragrance Collection – a trial pack of organic perfume that contains no harmful endocrine disruptors from  Max and Mia Organics. Whatever you choose – give fragrances that aren’t going to disrupt delicate hormones.


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3.  Organic Green Tea is the perfect hormone-friendly gift!  Green tea contains catechins, polyphenols and flavonoids which are considered protective against estrogen-related cancers.  Glass teapots are gorgeous and you can see the tea steeping – remember to stay away from plastic tea-makers – the heat and the plastic makes for a hormone nightmare.  Make a gift of green tea & a beautiful tea-pot like this one from TeaLux. They sell tons of different varieties of organic green tea & unique tea makers plus you can shop online!

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4. These glass bottles from Life Factory are so fun and come in so many colors – my kids and I love them.  They are made of glass so are hormone-friendly and covered in BPA-free silicone so they can still go to school in my kids backpacks.  We like that they don’t leave a taste like stainless steel bottles. I know Santa is going to be putting these in my family’s stockings.


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5.   A gift certificate to an organic spa like Bloor West Organic Spa is sure to be a big hit  – I know I’d sure appreciate it (hint, hint).  It’s especially important for the expectant mother on your list so she can avoid absorbing hormone disruptors.  If you can’t find a 100% organic spa in your area many spas offer organic services on their spa menu.  If you are going all out – what about a getaway at an organic spa resort like Grail Springs in Ontario’s cottage country.

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6. For the wine lover on your list give the gift of organic wine!  One of my all-time personal favorites is Bonterra’s Organic Zinfandel – an organic red from Mendocino County. The polyphenols in red wine are antioxidants and modulate hormone receptors. It’s a beautiful wine you can feel good about giving.


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7.  A gift basket is a great idea especially when it’s full of organic goodness.  The Detox Market  has gorgeous gift boxes – you can call for a selection and they’ll make you something irresistable.  Whether it’s chocolate, teas or beauty products they can make a gift box to meet your budget and you know the products inside will be kind to hormones.  They have locations in Hollywood, San Fransico & (I’m so lucky) Toronto but don’t worry you can shop online too!

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8.  I’ve been wanting to try this water-based non-toxic, non-peeling nail polish from Honey Bee Gardens.  The colors look delicious and the fact that it’s not going to disrupt my hormones makes me happy 🙂  I haven’t tried these yet but they were recommended to me as the safest so I hope Santa delivers some to my stocking!


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9. Organic PJs are a great gift for any woman but these bamboo pajamas by Yala Designs are especially perfect for menopausal women due to their natural breathability.  The bamboo fabric is  eco-friendly, feels oh-so-good against your skin and is free from chemicals used in typical clothing. They also carry men’s organic tees & lounge pants.   If you can’t decide Yala also offers gift cards – love that idea!

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10. Scented candles are a favorite gift-giving item at this time of year.  Choose candles made or beeswax or soy wax and scented with essential oils.  Paraffin scented candles are full of parabens & artificial fragrance that contain hormone disrupting toxins that have been shown to be carcinogenic. Introduce your candle-loving friends to an alternative that keeps them healthy! You can order the candles pictured from BuyGreen.com

Here’s to Happy Hormones this Holiday Season!

  • Since I live in Canada, many of the companies I’ve included are Canadian but online shopping makes them accessible to almost everyone.  And for my American, UK  and other readers from around the world, I hope if you’ve been inspired to find similar hormone-friendly gifts that you find what you’re looking for! If you’ve got ideas about other gifts/products that are kind to our hormones I’d love to hear from you!
  • Just so you know, I haven’t received compensation by any of these companies to promote their products or their business – it’s not that I am above advertising on my site for a company I believe in but I think you should know if I’m getting paid or not.  All of the gift ideas mentioned are either products that I already use and love or am just really interested in trying and think that other people might be too!

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Happy Holidays!