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Perfect Reason for Advocacy: Doctors are Still Using Power Morcellation!

hormone imbalance solutionsI am at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara today where there’s lots of talk about patients participating in their healthcare, advocacy and patient safety and in fact, I will be on the stage on Wednesday speaking about women advocating for themselves.  When I stepped outside my hotel room this morning and saw on the front page of the Wall Street Journal the headline:  Gynecologists Resist FDA Over Popular Surgical Tool I felt sick.  If you recall my blog post:

A Doctor Told Me To Warn You: What Women Need to Know About Morcellation

The FDA put out a warning that the gynecological tool can spread undetected cancer AND the manufacturers of the device, Johnson & Johnson, removed the device from the market.  YET it has been discovered that doctors across the US (and possibly beyond) are still using the tool because they think that the risk is being overblown.  It’s true the FDA didn’t ban the use of the tool.  The risk they say is 1 in 350.  Are you comfortable with that risk?  Dr Amy Reed isn’t – she was the 1 in 350 and the procedure spread her undetected cancer.  

Read her story here: Deadly Medicine

Are women being told that they are at risk for the spread of undetected cancer if they undergo the procedure?  Are they being told there are other procedures?  Knowing what I know about patients struggling to advocate for themselves coupled with the gender bias in medicine I am cringing right now.  

If anything, this has just strengthened my resolve to help women advocate for themselves. Patient safety is everyone’s concern. Be an informed patient. Advocate for yourself and make sure you’re comfortable with the risk you are taking.  No one cares about your health as much as you do.  

 In the spirit of Advocacy – Look forward to my upcoming chat with Sasha Ottey on her PCOS Radio Show where we talk about the importance of Advocacy, tips on how to advocate for youself and this is such a huge example of why we need to do just that.