Hormone Disruptors

Reducing Endocrine Disruptors in Our House: Glass Bottles

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I’ve done a lot of reading on endocrine disruptors and even blogged about making the choice to reduce the amount of endocrine disruptors that are in our home.  One of the big things I did was reduce plastic containers that stored our food. Although there has been quite a bit of headway made in reducing Bisphenol A in plastics, some may still contain phthalates, polyurethanes, polyacrylonitriles, and EA’s.  For me, the risk simply  isn’t worth it when there are other alternatives so readily available.

We avoid ALL plastics when we can – particularly 7, 6 & 3.  Even my children know  ”7, 6 and 3 are not for me”.   When we were getting 100% rid of “bad” plastics I taught my children how to identify the plastic by the symbol and number.

I am a firm believer that making positive lifestyle changes doesn’t need to take the joy, and the colour, out of life! These glass water bottles are proof of that!  The bottles (2, 3, 4 + 5) that have silicone coverings are kid friendly (although I’m reserving #5 for me!) because the silicone seal helps reduce breakage. I really like #1 + 2 for serving guests at the dinner table.

Watch for my post next week on fabulous kid friendly food containers that are both cute and endocrine system friendly!