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Souper Star: Esther Stanard, Miscarriage Matters Inc.

hormonal imbalance treatmentEsther Stanard is the Founder and CEO of Miscarriage Matters, Inc. an organization created due to the lack of one-on-one support and compassion for those dealing with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Early Infant Loss (SIDS).

Miscarriage Matters Inc. was prompted by Esther’s own loss. After finding out that she was pregnant with twins, she woke up one night knowing that something was wrong. Her husband rushed her to the hospital, and they discovered that both heartbeats were gone. In her bio, Ester writes:


As I tried to gather myself together and walk out of the Ob’s office, no one gave me anything of comfort or even a referral for a support group, nothing. They all just looked at me as if to say “that poor lady”, but there wasn’t any help given and I felt so alone. I felt hurt, disappointed, lost and overwhelmed with grief.”

Hormonal Causes Recurrent Miscarriage
She knew this wasn’t’ right, she knew she could make a difference – and she has.

Through Miscarriage Matters Inc., she has created a mentorship program. Women (and men) who have experienced a loss can sign up for support on their website. Once registered, they will be contacted by a volunteer who will offer them support, necessary resources, and most importantly, an ear. The organization also hosts private Facebook groups (separate for men and women) as well as live one-on-one chat support.

The organization is supported by 40 volunteers and has processed over 750 applications from people seeking support. Miscarriage Matters Inc. also creates and donates care packages to hospitals and doctor’s offices nationwide. These packages are given to mothers at the moment their loss is detected with the hope that it prevents them from leaving a facility with out hope.

This has all been accomplished in a short two years. Esther credits her many volunteers for their endless dedication and believes that they have become a family, of sorts. When she talks of those who they support, she admits that “Many of these people we will never meet” but finds solace in the fact that “from our grief, and the lives of our little ones that didn’t make it, a true LEGACY has been created for them. Their short lives have really made a true impact in the lives of hundreds/thousands, and that’s a blessing.”

A blessing, indeed.

Thank you Esther.