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Thanks for Making My Day!

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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the women who have reached out to me over the past few years!   

Estrogen Dominance Syndrome 

You’ve connected with me:

  • when you felt you weren’t being listened to by your doctor, 
  • when you questioned your intuition but really just needed reassurance that you need to trust it all along,
  • when you were at the bottom and felt like you couldn’t cope another day,
  • when you just needed someone out there who didn’t judge and would understand,
  • when you have a simple question or a long complex one,
  • when you had no one to talk to about your low libido or your mental health symptoms,
  • when you needed to know how to find one of those amazing doctors who will listen to you,
  • when you needed validation that you weren’t “crazy”,
  • when you were feeling AMAZING again! 

When I hear from you it brings me back to the days when I had no one to talk with and no one who understood.  You allow me to remember what it felt like to be struggling with these health problems and yet, somehow, still get through the day.   And how grateful I am for being able to be in a position today to let you know you aren’t alone and it can be so much better!   I know that the 5 minutes I take out of my day to send you an email is just a blip in my day but has the potential to be life changing.  I, too, needed just 5 minutes from someone once.  

Healing Hugs to You. 

Have a day as beautiful as you are!  🙂