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The Creation of Hormone Soup TV!

The Making of Hormone Soup TV

hormonal imbalance treatmentMy goal for Hormone Soup has always been to create more awareness about women’s hormone health issues.  I started blogging because I thought that by sharing my story women who were going through similar things might not feel so alone like I did.  I thought that by sharing some of the research I had done over about 15 years other women might find their way to their own answers quicker and with less suffering than I did.  The response I’ve received from other women worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive!   But also the response I’ve received from incredible professionals – doctors, nurses, naturopaths, pharmacists, midwives, nutritionists, lab professionals to name a few – has also been incredibly positive and validating for me!   This experience has touched my life in many more ways than I could have ever imagined.

Imagine my excitement at being able to create a TV show based on my blog and all of the things that I feel so passionate about in helping women.  The creation of Hormone Soup TV is an incredible experience for me and it has many people very excited.  My mind is exploding with ideas for episodes and ways that I can use this incredible platform to raise even more awareness!  Sharing stories is a powerful way to do that and is my favorite part of the show.  Being able to listen and see other women who have endured the same kinds of things that you are going through is powerful stuff.  But to top it all off – having an expert in a field of women’s health to share his or her expertise on the topic is like icing on the cake for me!   To have a doctor listen to you and rather than negate your symptoms actually discuss what’s going on in your body is such a validating feeling and one that we all deserve!

Stay tuned and I’ll share more behind the scenes photos from Hollywood of the shooting of Hormone Soup TV!