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Uterus for Sale on Ebay: Is this What Women’s Health Has Come To?

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Ann Truscott, wants more time to live and her brilliant friend, April Creed, is helping her get it in a most unusual way – by offering her uterus up for sale on ebay.  Yes, you read that right, her uterus.   


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When I heard this story, all at once I was deeply saddened for Ann and her family and also overwhelmed with despair that someone would have to resort to becoming the best marketer of their crowdfunding campaign to get access to the treatment they want.  

And great marketing it is – April’s eBay ad is witty and would be quite humourous if it wasn’t such a grand example of what is wrong with today’s healthcare, not just in Australia but globally.  Of course April isn’t the only person crowdfunding for health, it’s the dismal realization that now there are so many campaigns to get healthcare treatments funded that this is what it takes to stand out – selling a worn out old uterus on ebay!

You can listen to April’s interview:



I’m left thinking:  

Good for you, April I love your go-get-em attitude!   You’ve brought more attention to the struggle many patients face than you probably expected!   Thanks for your advocacy! 

Best wishes to you Ann – I’m glad you have such a wonderful woman to call a friend and a chance at a prolonged life.  

I still pray for the day when women don’t have to resort to extreme measures to get the healthcare they deserve.


You can check out and donate to Ann Truscott’s GoFundMe campaign here.