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Bio-Identical Hormones have changed my life.  My journey from hormone hell to hormone health was lengthy and challenging.  It is my quest to help inform other women in the hope that they may be able to avoid the same challenges I faced.  I actually believe that it would be selfish of me to keep the information I’ve spent years uncovering to myself.
It is my personal belief that millions of women are needlessly being prescribed medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, birth control pills, as well as going through invasive procedures before exploring other, more natural, less invasive, less risky and less expensive options.  I too, have been offered such medications by my family doctor. I feel fortunate everyday that I am now the one in charge of my own health! Through the years of frustration being offered solutions that didn’t fit with my intuition, I finally sought out a naturopath and eventually medical doctors, who could help treat the cause and not just my symptoms.
It is my hope that some day more doctors treat the cause instead of the symptoms and become informed about bio-identical hormones!  It is also my hope that naturopathic doctors continue to gain acceptance for their expertise in this area and can one day write a prescription for bio-identical hormones.
It is my aim to inform more women about the options available that their own doctors don’t even know about.  I know that sounds crazy because we expect our doctors to know everything, however this is one area where knowledge is lacking.   One of my current doctors told me I very likely know more about bio-identical hormones than most family physicians.
I mentioned I went through hormone hell….you are wondering what I went through…it’s a long story.  Actually several long stories.  Some of my issues have been infertility, miscarriages, pulmonary ventricular contractions (PVCs), alopecia, PMS, both mild and severe post-partum mood disorder involving anxiety and mood swings more than depression, acne, menstrual symptoms such as bad cramps, and low libido.
I have yet to face menopause, however when I do it will be without fear.  I will enter peri-menopause/menopause with knowledge about my body and I trust in myself that I know my body now. Besides I have found amazing doctors whom I trust to help me navigate the unchartered waters. It feels amazing!