Hormone Imbalance

What’s Wrong with Menopause Awareness Month?

Woman in Menopause Having a Hot Flash

premature ventricular contractionsMenopause Awareness Month is almost over!  Why haven’t I blogged about it you ask? There’s no doubt about it my blog is about hormones and everyone knows menopause is all about hormones.  It is clear from my blog that I believe in using bioidentical hormones to support hormone health in women that need it.  By now everyone has heard about bioidentical hormones, largely as a result of Suzanne Somers books and advocacy.  So when a person thinks about bioidentical hormones they immediately think about menopause.  I think it’s fantastic that women entering or experiencing menopause have greater access to important information to help them make an informed choice! Why I don’t blog about Menopause:

  •  My personal story doesn’t include menopause (yet!) so I stick to what I know
  • There is abundant information about menopause on the internet like this wonderful blog www.holyhormones.blogspot.com which I recommend if you are menopausal or entering menopause. The writer is very well informed and based on what I’ve read on her blog, her doctor follows a similar protocol to my doctor.
  • It is hard to find any really great information about treating estrogen dominance issues like PMS, infertility, miscarriages, and particularly, postpartum mood disorders which is where my experience lies.
  • Estrogen dominance is affecting young people in profound ways and  awareness needs to increase!

I have had an incredible and challenging personal journey toward hormone wellness and I am passionate about sharing what I learn with other women in the hopes that I can help them find a smoother path to wellness!  I write about women’s health issues and the main purpose of my blog is to help raise consciousness about hormone health especially as it relates to issues other than menopause.

** My Two Cents about Menopause Awareness Month **

It is a great idea to inform women, don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was started by a pharmaceutical company in order to market their synthetic hormones.  While awareness and access to information is important, my intuition tells me that menopause awareness month is used by some companies to promote their products and while they look like they are just sharing menopause information it may not always the best overall information for your general hormonal health.  Women are still using dangerous synthetic hormones prescribed by doctors who haven’t kept themselves informed about the risks.  Soy product companies and others are marketing their products by jumping on the Menopause Awareness Month bandwagon and women are being told to eat soy  you should AVOID soy at all costs. To find out why check out Dr. Mercola’s warning about soy by clicking here.     So the bottom line for me is don’t get your information from a company trying to sell you their products.  This isn’t to say that you won’t eventually choose their product, but get your information from reliable sources that aren’t out to make a buck!